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I Hate Justin Bieber Without A Passion

It is impossible to hate him with a passion, because there is no passion or feeling in his music 馃槦

When I was younger, we used to have to dance to Bieber tracks in PE because, apparently, "all" young girls love Justin Bieber. It's like dancing in treacle with your brain switched off 馃惢

But having had to watch a tour video in my boarding house last night, I now know it is not a good idea to criticise his work in front of a group of 10-11 year olds 馃槙
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GentleJoe61-69, M
Yup, just bite your tongue and let them have their fantasy about the Biebs (or whatever they call him. lol)
GentleJoe61-69, M
Plus, know that when you let them watch him and let them do their exercises to his music, you're giving them a respite from loneliness and the fear of being away from home that some of them feel. Its kind of the same kindness that you show them when you make the effort to tuck some of them in at night.
TammieBear22-25, F
@GentleJoe Don't worry, I won't stop them from listening. Just so long as I don't have to be within earshot 馃槙
GentleJoe61-69, M
@TammieBear Oh, I wasn't suggesting that you would. I know you care too much about them to do that. 馃檪

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