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Who dislikes rap, hip hop and R&B music and why?

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I don’t
I don’t care for neither
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I don’t really care for rap too much. I just don’t get it and some rap music talks about disgusting things and I can’t stand it. I a lot of people love it but ugh. I mean it beats country but still. Hip hop is okay but I LOVE R&B music. So lovely and peaceful.
Rap is just disgusting. RnB has taken after rap and is just as crass now. Hip hop used to be a respectable form of music particularly when it was more based on politics. It never was popular among other folk and it never will be. It was born from sampling other records and even if the lyrics were clean, to other people it just wouldn't be "real music" because of the sampling. People think sampling is easy. Trust me, I used to sample, it isn't.

Anyway what hip hop eventually turned to and what it is today is pure vile horse manure and RnB has gone the same route. Twerking everywhere, nonsense lyrics, evil imagery. A cesspool really
Lilymoon · F
R&B sure.... but Rap and Hip Hop hell no. 🤭
ElizabethBabe1994 · 26-30, F
@Lilymoon I never understood why people love hip hop and fucking rap so much.
HypnoChode · 46-50, M
I rarely find myself intrigued when I hear those types of songs. It’s not terrible to me or anything…I just never hear it and think “I’d like to hear this again”.
Sirsnowman · 22-25, M
I’m not big into hip-hop, but rap and R&B I like, on occasion. The genre allows for some interesting lyrical work that, if it were printed in poetry, people would be in love, and some rappers can string that together for minutes at a time - it’s impressive, if nothing else. And while some songs are gratuitous with its sexual imagery and the dumbass male dominance persona, others make for great outlets for repressed emotions, like anger or fear
Yo home gurl I’m from da’ ‘ hood so of course I love rap music 🤮
GabbySA8 · 18-21, F
I dont care for any of it, just not into the sound
th3r0n · 41-45, M
I don’t like them either with few exceptions
Martinette · 41-45, F
I love R&B music but not rap.
caesar7 · 61-69, M
I do. It does nothing to me. I do like the blues though :)

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