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I Hate Rap Music

I hate rap music in general with very few exceptions, and I can only tolerate it when some of the song has actual singing in it. Here is why I hate it:

1. Rap music should not really be called music. It's usually just some guy reading really bad poetry to a beat.
2. In most rap songs, it seems that every other word is an obscenity. Apparently swearing along with really bad grammar is supposed to make them look "cool" somehow.
3. Rap music in General is very demeaning to women, acting like every woman should be a wh*re. Nicki Minaj's songs are extremely demeaning to herself and she apparently thinks it's cool to act like a wh*re. Women deserve to be treated better than that.
if Nicki Minaj wants to rap about enjoying sex or her life as a sexual woman, that's totally fine. that's not demeaning to herself because she's comfortable with her sexuality. and just because someone may swear in their music doesn't make it bad. rap is music, just not delivered in the same manner as The Beatles. rap originated from people telling stories of struggles in their hard lives, so it's not going to be all glamorous and warm. and finally, in the case of rappers like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and RATKING, those rhymes are so so clever, coming up with really insightful puns and references in a handful of words. just because it's unconventional does not make it bad.
darkanddesolate · 26-30, F
Of course sex is natural, but she's making herself an advertisement for it. She's portraying herself as willing to give it all to anyone. If she thought better of herself she'd be more modest and wait until a guy who actually deserved it came along
I really don't believe she is. she's talking about things she enjoys but it's clear from other songs of hers that she isn't just going to have sex with any man, and she talks about that in interviews and things. she's just talking about what she enjoys. I talk about it too, freely, as do many women, but does that mean I'm going to sleep with anyone? not at all. and I think her comfort with speaking so openly about something people tend to be uptight about proves she's happy enough and comfortable enough with herself to say something like that. it's frustrating that people never make a big deal about male rappers and their hypersexualization of women but as soon as a girl does it she's being a slut or doesn't respect herself.
darkanddesolate · 26-30, F
Men's hypersexualization of women in rap is disgusting. Most of them act like they own the woman. They obviously don't really love the woman. They love her ass, love her boobs, and love having sex with her. They also act like they themselves are so amazing that no girl can refuse them. It's narcissistic and sexist preaching male dominance. And when women go along with it they are letting themselves be dominated.
Ok lets start on another shitpost about rap and how its bad by a possible rock/ metal lover.
1. The definiton of music is and i quote, " vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." Obviously if you listened to history's greatest rappers you would know that this is the case. Even in modern rap they do this.
2. You probably made this just to spite a rapper such as lil wayne. Even people in the rap community nowadays(because when he first came out he was really good) often dont take heed to lil wayne. Listen to someone such as Jay-Z Childish Gambino or other Rap Game Relics in their early stages. Back then there wasnt as much cursing. And not all in the genre do that.
3. Dont bring that "its demening women" bullcrap in here. Yes some songs do degrade women here and there but you say it as though its the only genre that does so. Ive heard many other genres do it such as rock, country, metal, etc. So please dont bring that argument here
Same here.

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