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I Hate A Lot Of Modern Day Music

This post precisely discusses the fact that the real hip-hop art has perished!...

There used to be a time when hip-hop was all about fun, dance, party harder and most importantly, the rap vocals i.e. lyrics of the song made sense, projected reality. To be honest, hip-hop was a real art then.

The key elements that made hip-hop a global phenomenon are:
- Graffiti
- Break-dance
- MCing (Emcee/Rap – Rhythm and poetry)
- Dee-Jay/Beat-Box

Yes, the morons of today still live with the illusion that these key elements still exist!...Really???!!!...Do they still exist?

Two elements i.e. graffiti and mcing suffer the most today!...

You take a walk around the city and you will be able to spot graffiti art at lots of places but take a close look at the text or the message conveyed by it. It would make no sense!...Then, it was all about explaining what the art ‘graffiti’ is all about. Youngsters used to paint and leave a message of social awakening through their graffiti!!!...Do you see such stuff now-a-days???!!!....Nope, it’s either a gang or the crewe name highlighted. Rarely, you’ll come across the work of a true-artist who spotlighted an on-going political issue or social problem. Yes, cursing and dissing were done then too but less in comparison to today!..

There are good kids in Syria who curse ISIS in their graffiti art. Artists in Africa spotlight the problems between the government and rebels. Caribbean islands still have graffiti about Rastafarian culture, they stick to their roots. Kids in Columbia and Cuba, they still make graffiti to highlight the hero ‘Che Guevara’ and various events of Latin revolution. Few artists in United States project the delusional deeds of good for nothing Trump. Majority of European nations have artists that spotlight the problem of migration of more and more people of Arabic origins to Europe (Yes, all Muslims are not terrorists but it’s always the most trust-worthy Muslim that turns out to be culprit later)!...Respect for such artists!...This is the positive side of the art!

At the same time, you have a lot of Muslim kids in Europe who praise ISIS for their evil deeds. Now-a-days, bone-heads (i.e. neo-nazi skin-heads) use graffiti for highlighting the message white-supremacy!...Most importantly, the graffiti showcased in so called hip-hop videos these days contain ample of occult and satanic messages and this is not just limited to hip-hop, it’s with every music genre these days.
See, the art degrading!...

Comes, the second element that is suffering the most now-a-days. RAP!!!...Oh!...My GOD!...You listen to the rap vocals and the shi*ty music of so called new-school hip-hop of today; it’s like ‘wh*t the heck is wrong with this beautiful art’...!!!...Damn!...Lyrics make no sense!...No cadence in the rap-flow!...Same style and same music pattern!...Damn!...The modern day growing electronic music scene has wrecked the beauty of hip-hop music!...This all began when ‘crunk’ sound was introduced to hip-hop music during early 2000’s. It did sound good initially but later it became the sole reason for the art of hip-hop to perish!...Artists like Lil Wayne and etc. Are responsible for the perishing of real hip-hop!...These snobs performed satanic rituals and became a sensation!...They destroyed the real art of hip-hop!...Listen to their songs make no sense at all but for sure have subliminal satanic messages!...Damn!...Hip-hop was never supposed to be like this!...The good for nothing ‘Trap-rap’; it’s called trap-rap because it has actually trapped the real rap somewhere!...


Came across an individual here few days ago who mentioned that hip-hop would have become boring if it would have remained the same!...Of-course, innovation is needed from time to time but an innovation that destroys the roots of the real-art!...I call that ‘innovation’ a curse!


When I listen to the tracks of budding so called rap artists of today, I feel like shutting their mouth!...It's my dream to beat the hell out of idiots like Lil Wayne and other so called young rap artists of today!...

Veterans of hip-hop (the ones that made hip-hop a global phenomenon) try to educate the young generation about real hip-hop but only few care to listen to right knowledge:

MMSR1 · 56-60, M
Your hip hop is now found in the so called country artists of today.
@MMSR1 That's some awful blend!...😄
MMSR1 · 56-60, M
Yes it is. 😡
@MMSR1 😆
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@Lampshady Says the kid with the name 'LAMPSHADY' that rhymes well with the rap artist 'SLIM SHADY'!!!...😄

I am sure you were raised by white-supremacist 'Charles Smith or Gordon Brown'!...It happens with the kid who grew up listening to only white artists!...RAP was an art during it's origins era (because it didn't go commercial), it was cool till mid 80's (started to become more and more commercial), became reality rap or gangsta-rap (a term introduced by white media folks) by late 80's and early 90's, became beef between artists by mid 90's (a beef that took away lots of great talent), became club-culture by late 90's, became songs about b*t*hes by early 2000's thought revived in a new gangsta form, became all about money by mid 2000's, begin to perish by late 2000's, perished after 2011 and it sure sucks now because it's not even rap anymore!...

Anyways, choices and opinions vary!...
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@Lampshady Yet, you read it 'LAMPSHADY'!...😄

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