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In my country, if someone has a life threatening injury and cannot cover medical expenses, they will die.

Most of the time, the doctor wants full payment upfront. Infants have bled to death due to the parents' inability to pay. Just last week, an infant had a life threatening injury. The hospital wanted 1 million naira, which is $1,500 USD, before they would even see the baby. The baby succumbed to the injuries and died.

Our government doesn't care. Politicians line their pockets with IMF money and nothing changes. In fact, it's getting worse. Over the years, we begin moving towards privatization, aka, capitalism, which is orchestrated by Western countries including the UK and the US. These same countries will give visas to medical graduates in Africa, taking our brightest medical minds to support their Healthcare systems while ordinary Africans suffer. True, it is our own fault for allowing it. The elections here are rigged, presidential elections are sold to the highest bidder. Most African politicians are puppets of the West. This is why most Africans have given up hope. Most Africans only hope to relocate to UK, France, Germany, US, Ukraine, etc. It is going to take a civil war to change the direction of this country.
Realize something, and that is, a nation making headway on the African continent is China. The U.S. and the U.K. might soon be replaced influence wise in Africa by China. You might get the healthcare you’re hoping for, but if China were to step into Nigeria with its influence, money and power as it has done in other African nations, it will be a double edged sword. Are you familiar with China’s belt road initiative? If not look it up. If it comes to Nigeria, it won’t be a free ride as they say.
This is a book about China’s involvement in Africa.
What nation are you in?
@soar2newhighs Nigeria
@SW-User Well things are different in Nigeria than the U.S.
Sounds terrible. Our health care system in Canada is heading like the States' and toward privitization. We shall all suffer. Smart people are going to go where the money and training is. Only natural. Africa I still think is a somewhat poor country. What do you plan to do for your future to have the best opportunities in life?
"Euthanasia granted to Canadian woman - because she was turned down for public housing."
News of the capitalist world.

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