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Hot Take, But...

We should do away with Black History Month and just incorporate black history into American history.

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bijouxbroussardF Best Comment
Black History Month is celebrated [i][b]because[/b][/i] U.S. schools still choose to exclude the study of contributions by black people (hint: they encompass more than slavery).Are you also proposing that states that observe them cancel Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Asian and Pacific Islander Month as well ? Can we cancel the observation of St. Patrick鈥檚 Day and Columbus Day once and for all, too ? As long as we cover it all in school ? 馃
InvictusIndigo22-25, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Good question, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I think that limiting an ethnicity's history to a month sells students and those of the ethnicity, and those who identify both with the ethnicity and as a student, short. I think that we should celebrate them in a different way. As for specific holidays, I am not familiar with all that exist. However, I am personally against the celebration of Columbus day. He discovered nothing, and the atrocities he committed to insert himself into history are no cause for celebration.
[@600321,InvictusIndigo] [quote] However, I am personally against the celebration of Columbus day. He discovered nothing, and the atrocities he committed to insert himself into history are no cause for celebration.[/quote]
Agreed, and in many areas now 鈥淚ndigenous Peoples鈥 Day鈥 is substituted or also celebrated on October 12.

Then u will b called rascist
Sure why not black people have been part of this country since before it was a country.
It鈥檚 way overdo.
TheArbitrator31-35, M
No, just as you are proud of your racist white forefathers who murdered Native Americans in the name of G-d and enslaved blacks, we are also proud of our African Americans who have made great contributions throughout history. To give African American youth "a sense of pride" is the reason African American educators proposed black history month in the first place. It originally served to educate African American students about the vast contributions their progenitors have made. As the famous quote by Marcus Garvey goes... 鈥淎 PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR PAST HISTORY, ORIGIN AND CULTURE IS LIKE A TREE WITHOUT ROOTS.鈥
InvictusIndigo22-25, M
[@1183735,TheArbitrator] I'm gonna leave your message here. Who said I was white? Who said I was racist? Who said I'm not proud of the contributions of the people of color throughout our country's history? This is a display of how not to have a normal conversation. If you'd like to approach in a different, more civil way, you are welcome to.
PoeticPlay51-55, M
Black history is not the history of America. The view of the history that is taught in American schools systems is ultra narrow and was declared canon by people who poured their selection of vintage history through a very, very narrow funnel. Out of a masterfully hand crafted bottle that very few "true blooded patriots" even have the pedigree required to afford such righteous status.

Women,blacks, indigenous were not even recognized as people that could become a citizen. So not being a citizen you can not lay claim to a history that doesn't recognize any contribution to "their"/ the future.

So who is the celebration in recognition of?
My sperm donor is black and my birth mother was born on an Arizona reservation.
My brother and I were given up for adoption from day one.
Our mother died giving birth to my brother.
We were raised in a black household by two people who worked extremely hard to earn the reward of the right status to live and raise their two adopted (status bonus) half breed sons in a white society. Educated in fine white schools in suburbia. Far enough away from those inferior "urban" black schools.

Why would I wish to recognize the HUGE indoctrination of separation of white history from all other history? There by separating from my own beginning.
InvictusIndigo22-25, M
[@1185560,PoeticPlay] Thank you for taking the time to respond. You and your family have been through a lot, and I value greatly what you've said so far. I do wonder, still, where you lie on the subject. Would you care to elaborate further?

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