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Americans, Are You Going To Spend Less Time At The Grocery Store Because The CDC Has Recommended It?

I think I鈥檒l go outside and chew on some tree bark since grocery shopping is not recommended now. 馃槀
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Ambroseguy8051-55, M
I haven鈥檛 seen the directive, but it won鈥檛 really change how I spend time in stores.
[@403045,Ambroseguy80] it might be a well circulated idea or suggestion. But a directive? No unless it鈥檚 clamped down and enforced on federal property . What are they going to do? Send out the guard to monitor super markets?
DDonde31-35, M
Most places have curb side pickup if that's an option for you
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@373024,DDonde] I don鈥檛 use my phone to make purchases so no thanks to that idea.
DDonde31-35, M
[@16806,cherokeepatti] I see.
juliak41318-21, F
I spend about 17.5 minutes in a grocery store and I plan to cut down to about 14.75 min.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@1169582,juliak413] Good for you, keeping America safer from Covid.
juliak41318-21, F
[@16806,cherokeepatti] Yeah. I could go down to maybe 13.9 minutes but that may not be enough time.
It changes nothing for me.
[image deleted]馃ぃ馃槅
[@1141631,Darkjava] Loser!
SW User
I believe the idea is to make one big shop instead of three smaller ones. This reduces the risk of exposure.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@1183899,Nightly] do you have a recording of that? Because I鈥檝e heard and read enough bullshit about things I鈥檝e watched him speaking and seen it taken out of context or twisted to the point it wasn鈥檛 even recognizable. Otherwise don鈥檛 bother to tell me if you don鈥檛 have a complete video and not just a sound bite or some other such bullshit.
SW User

Trump is a lifelong liar. Republicans need to recognize that he gathered all the foolish around himself and then betrayed them at every turn.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@1183899,Nightly] The media is the liar
I'll do what i want no matter what they say
No, I am way past done with their lies. I will do all my errands, and then, I'm going out for a leisurely cup of coffee.
MrBrownstone41-45, M
The same grocery store that wants me to be healthy sells cigarettes,junk food,soda and saturated fats.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@1149,MrBrownstone] Exactly!
If the cdc recommends it I will spend the night there .
[@1067315,Driver2] 馃ぃ Buncha arrogant asses
yeronlyman51-55, M
Just wear a mask
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@18749,yeronlyman] why don鈥檛 you post things about the rate of medical malpractice in the USA and how many people have died due to it every year. That would be an interesting read. I have sisters that are nurses and have heard plenty.
yeronlyman51-55, M
[@16806,cherokeepatti] indeed

But that鈥檚 not the focus of this reply

In proximity to humans wear a mask to protect others
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@18749,yeronlyman] You are very redundant so I am going to block your redundant ass, how about that?
The Chinese/WHO/Fauci organizations? They鈥檙e trying the Venezuela program.
yeronlyman51-55, M
[@822235,soar2newhighs] did you read that on Facebook..
Powderflask26-30, M
Nope. Don鈥檛 really care either way.
curiosi56-60, F
CDC has ZERO credibility.
sunsporter164970-79, M
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@423488,curiosi] Saw something on TV about how the pioneers here in Oklahoma would get sick as the winter dragged on, they weren鈥檛 getting fresh fruit & veggies and relied on dry pantry foods along with a bit of fresh game or other meat like salt pork. When the wild plants started sprouting up in early spring on they鈥檇 go out collecting what they could, lamb鈥檚 quarter, poke greens, wild lettuce, wild onions & others and eat them. It helped them to heal up and get well, probably saved their lives till they could get their gardens in and got fresh veggies. I saw a Gunsmoke show with the very same theme and how desperate they were to get some veggies, even canned ones, so people wouldn鈥檛 get sick & die in the winter.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@494950,sunsporter1649] Seriously I walk around the block in my neighborhood 3 times and then I鈥檝e walked a mile. Need to start doing that again. The main thing is I鈥檓 never too far from a bathroom when I do that.
Daisy5051-55, F
I chewed on birch bark as a kid.No cavities
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@485257,Daisy50] the squirrels chewed on tender tree bark when I stopped feeding them sunflower seeds in the winter.
TeirdalinFirefall26-30, M
I've just been using Walmart+ for grocery delivery the past three months or so now. Free delivery to my door for food and other items for only $100/year is pretty great.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@553663,TeirdalinFirefall] I don鈥檛 get my groceries from Walmart.
carpediem61-69, M
The CDC can kiss the fleshiest part of my derriere. But I am enjoying order online and pickup at the curb. It saves me time. That way I can spend quality time at the liquor store and my local cigar shop's humidor. Some things need personal attention to get right.
[@112526,carpediem] hey if there鈥檚 any truth to the allegations of the Chinese doing anal swabs for covid you might want to re consider your derri猫re remark. Lol!
carpediem61-69, M
[@822235,soar2newhighs] Good advice.
Keepitsimple51-55, F
Nope. I like to eat.
Stereoguy56-60, M
[@11509,Keepitsimple] Exactly!
Keepitsimple51-55, F
[@78387,Stereoguy] 馃榿
I don't follow the corrupt CDC aka Centers of Disease Creation
[@537009,MrsFugger1] 馃槅馃憤
Stereoguy56-60, M
Oh yes! Part of my New Year resolution was to give up eating. 馃檮 Lol!!! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@78387,Stereoguy] You can become one of those Breathatarians...oh wait, the masks make that more difficult.
Stereoguy56-60, M
[@16806,cherokeepatti] As long as the grocery stores and restaurants here in Florida are open IAM happy. Let the blue states go without if they want.
ReneeT61-69, M
I don't think so. I'm usually in and out fairly quickly
Virgo7956-60, M
We all will, can't afford to drive there and can't afford much food.
So not as often, and not as much.
wildbill8336-40, M
no, I'll use my own brain instead of having someone else think for me... 馃
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@597698,wildbill83] Good for you. The CDC is just keeping the fear-mongering going to sell more vaccines.
I have been to the store two times a day since the initial outbreak. So... No.
Bob2536-40, M
I already am. I have been ordering mine and picking them up curb side
Daisy5051-55, F
[@767321,Bob25] smart.i should do that.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
[@767321,Bob25] I don鈥檛 trust them with produce and exp. dates etc. I鈥檝e seen too many wilted veggies to let someone else do my shopping for me.
[@767321,Bob25] I don鈥檛 like that but it鈥檚 fine
Jeffrey5151-55, M
I don鈥檛 watch or read the news. I would spend same amount of time.
MasterLee51-55, M
I never follow any government suggestion like this. Ever.
afterlight51-55, M
No,I take my time as usual
CULTure31-35, F
Nope. I'm not putting my life on hold, Covid is always going to be around. We keep having lockdowns but it keeps spreading. I'm going to live my life
Tastyfrzz56-60, M
As soon as I'm vaccinated I'll probably try to rejoin the land of the living. Until then I'm acting like a monk in seclusion.

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