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What’s the craziest experience you have had with a dog?

I was around 7-8 when I went with my family to visit my cousins house for some party or something, they have a big Rottweiler named Jojo. So while all the adults were talking and my brother went to hang out with my other cousins.I wanderd off to go pet Jojo, because I loved petting evey dog I saw. He didn't like it though and bit my arm and dragged me around ( or at least that's that it felt like) I had on a big coat since it was cold so I didn't get hurt luckly,but a pretty scary moment.They put him in a different room and my mom made me sit with her for the rest of the time we were there.
When I was 8 or 9, we were invited to the home of my father’s coworker. The coworker and wife were childless and lived in a mansion with two large rescue German shepherds. Since childhood, I was a huge animal lover, and was excited to meet the dogs. As is the case with most rescues, however, both dogs had some quirks that made them aggressive. For whatever reason, maybe because they never saw a kid before, they immediately mistrusted me and were aggressive towards me. What’s strange is the disinterest that the couple expressed throughout the entire evening. I was basically cornered in the living room with my colouring books while the adults ate because the dogs would growl and bark if I tried to move. One of the dogs also bit my father’s arm at some point because my father picked up a billiard stick and the dog freaked out.
I pet a dog and then it just bit me. The owners took me inside (I was like 6 and didnt know them but i was too shocked to remember stranger danger talks) and they basically put a bandage around my hand and sent me away with a “dont tell ur parents it was our dog and he usually doesn’t do this.” After an hour or so the wound started infecting and we went to the ER. My parents wanted to sue the owners but I had honestly forgotten where they lived and yeh. Im okay now, no trauma’s, not even a scar.
Both of my parents and I are big animal people. My father grew up with a shepherd and was completely unphased when the dog pounced on him. I guess the couple was lucky in the sense that we were very understanding about the situation. But yeah, it’s really strange. I was little, but I remember feeling a very palpable fear of the dogs that I never felt before. They both just sat glaring at me and growling the whole time. I don’t understand why the couple didn’t think this was a bad idea.
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All were of superlative level when we had them.

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