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Are there parallels between Israel's assault on Gaza and the American assault on North Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

Both conflicts involved asymmetrical warfare, with a technologically superior force (Israel and the United States, respectively) facing off against a determined guerrilla force (Hamas in Gaza and the Viet Cong in Vietnam). Both conflicts also saw significant civilian casualties and infrastructure damage.

Broache73 · 46-50, F
Indirectly, the parallels are obvious...When it relates to Gaza and the subsequent Genocide, the United States Government co signed...

The 3rd Rail of Politics that's very inconvenient, If you were to ask most of the Public, Taxpayers, and Consumers today if the United States has been a close "Friend" and "Ally" of Israel, most would answer with a resounding “YES.” This is especially true of Evangelical Christians who believe that America’s Foreign Affairs in the Middle East should be dictated by Israel. Evangelicals often side with Republican Candidates who promise to “look out for” Israel and to “stand up for” Israel.

There's NO solid evidence that America’s Foreign Affairs actions in the Middle East has been guided by anything but upholding and protecting the Petrodollar System

Why is this important?! The American Public and Evangelicals in particular, have been hoodwinked and bamboozled with the “pro-Israel” BS from Political Indentured Servants on Capitol Hill.

Instead of being a true "Friend" and "Ally" to Israel, America has cleverly used its “Relationship” with the Jewish State as a cover for its Military Debacles in the Middle East. The appalling ignorance of American Taxpayers, including Evangelicals, buy the hype pumped out of Washington’s Political Spin machines. If you turn off the Corporate-controlled Lamestream Media for a day, and speak to the real Inhabitants of the Middle East, a very different story emerges.

Would a true "Friend" belittle your Autonomy and Self-Determination by denying your right to defend yourself, all because they have made backroom deals with your enemies for Financial gain?!

Would a true "Friend" seek to make you dependent upon Financial Aid and then give 8 times more Financial Aid to your sworn Enemies?!

Yet, this is exactly what America has done to Israel in the name of “Friendship.” When Israel seeks to defend her Territory, America always rushes to prevent it.

Have you ever found yourself asking why America, and other Western interests who benefit from continued good relations with Oil-producing Nations, urge Israel to restrain herself? After all, who the Hell is the United States to intervene in a Sovereign Countries Foreign Policy decisions?!

As you may recall, part of the Petrodollar Agreement requires that the United States guarantee protection for Middle Eastern Oil-Producing Nations from the threats specifically imposed by the Jewish State.

When dispensing Foreign Aid into the Middle East, does America give money exclusively to Israel and her Allies? HELL NO.

Instead, Israel’s sworn Enemies receive 8 times more in Foreign Aid than Israel does.

How can you give "Free Money" and Weaponry to the Enemies of your so-called “Best Friend” and keep a straight face?!🤣😂

While the masses clamor and slobber at the feet of those Political Indentured Servants who profess “Support for Israel,” I'd suggest they've rarely stopped to ask what that American “Support” really looks like?!

The Jewish identity, as expressed in Zionism, is deeply rooted in Autonomy and Self-Determination.

America’s so-called “Support” for Israel has served as a crafty cover for maintaining a Military Iron Fist in the Region… all to protect our "National Interests".

America has attempted to play both sides of this Middle East game, using the Corporate-Controlled Media to control and keep ignorant the American Public for decades. Keeping the Middle East inflamed and destabilized has been a stated goal of Western interests for decades. This is the name of the game when your goal is Empire. And Empires DO NOT HAVE FRIENDS … THEY HAVE SUBJECTS.

It's time that Americans wake the Hell up and realize that they got played for stupid yet again by the same Corrupt US and EU Politicians they themselves voted for, went along with, and supported.

The Truth is easy to find and understand when you Follow The Money!
trollslayer · 46-50, M
Well nobody in the USA wanted to settle on vietnam’s land or occupy it.

And the USA was not attacked by Vietnam.

And the USA does not border Vietnam or had a decades old conflict with Vietnam.

But both the VC and Hamas hide within civilians, and both the US and Israel committed war crimes.
@trollslayer Vietnam was fundamentally a colonial war, or a continuation of the earlier French colonial war in Indochina. There are those who say that Israel is promoting colonial ambitions in Gaza. There were elements of anti-colonial struggle on the part of the Vietnamese people who fought against U.S. foreign intervention.
wonkywinky · 51-55, M
No because in Vietnam,the enemy was kind of on two levels,there was the local guerilla forces the Vietcong,and also the regular forces of North Vietnam,with a large army,and airforces etc.
Also Vietnam is a large country with large rural area where guerillas can operate with a lot of impunity.The N border with N Vietnam the USA tied its own hands by not invading the North..

With Gaza,the Israelis have what is Hamas,basically bottled up within the area of a city.
Gaza is similar to Stalingrad..A kind of linear area,with water to its back,giving the enemy nowhere to retreat.
In theory,if Israel was to disregard all humanity,it could simply level all of Gaza and quickly.
Israel has allowed public opinion abroad to tie its hands in how it wipes out Hamas.
The biggest difference is that Israel borders Gaza while the US had to project power to a country on the other side of the world. The Vietnam War had more in common with the Revolutionary War, where an imperial superpower was attempting to subjugate an indigenous outpost.
Both assaults were done because people in power used fear-mongering to stay in power. The Vietnamese weren't actually a threat to us, but the government manufactured the Red Scare. With Israel, Hamas is a threat, but the government is pretending all Palestinians are Hamas. Plus, Israel pretty much created Hamas through the apartheid.
@BohemianBoo Couldn't you say France created the Vietnamese Communists and the Vietcong through colonialism? Vietnam was fundamentally a colonial war, or a continuation of the earlier French colonial war in Indochina. There are those who say that Israel is promoting colonial ambitions in Gaza. There were elements of anti-colonial struggle on the part of the Vietnamese people who fought against U.S. foreign intervention.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@flipper1966 but you said “american” assault. I don’t think the USA had much to do with French colonialism.
@trollslayer While American involvement in the Indochina War was primarily driven by Cold War considerations, including containment of communism, it was also influenced by France's colonial interests in the region. The US supported France as part of its broader strategy to prevent the spread of communism and maintain stability in Southeast Asia, but French colonialism played a role in shaping the context of that support. And again, as far as the Vietnamese were comcerned, there were elements of anti-colonial struggle on the part of the Vietnamese people who fought against U.S. foreign intervention.
Maybe. Didn't Americans ever expel the natives and declare a new land, and remove and kill the natives to get the land? Ever (trail of tears, Hawaiian overthrow... ) ever?
Please stop gaslighting me.
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