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The exiled prince of Iran is trying to cozy up to Israel

But i don't trust him.. his father supported nazis and he's only trying to gain an ally against the current islamic regime in Iran.. personally i am against islam and i think the idea of dying and getting 70 virgins is perverted and moronic and not of God or even common sense.. Mohamed was a pervert who forced himself of other people's wives. Even his own relative's wife.. and yet people ignorantly follow his fucked up religion in their misguided ignorance..

That aside i think it's romantic if women dress modestly in long veils and they should be allowed if they want.. and that was the Prince's mistake.. stripping the women of their culture and modesty.. it's one thing if they don't want it.. but another if they do .. and people shouldn't be forced in or out of religion imo.. so long as they aren't hurting anyone else i think it should be a live and let live policy throughout the universe.. *sigh* grow gardens everywhere for peace and beauty.. that's all.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
I don't believe there's any way that Israel will accept any Muslim.

You have nothing to worry about there, no matter how he cozies up with anyone.

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