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17% of IDF deaths were friendly fire ?!??

Talk about trigger happy!

Most moral army my ass.
Northwest · M
The count is 30, but that's a combination of accidents and friendly-fire. The IDF has not provided the exact break down.

The count does not include the number of hostages killed as a result of IDF fire.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@Northwest if they are having that much trouble distinguishing friend from foe, how are we to believe they are doing “ everything possible” to limit civilian casualties?
Northwest · M
@trollslayer The use of gravity, non-guided ammunition, in up to 45% of the air raids, says the Netanyahu government is not discriminate. One of the reason the Biden administration, is rushing to re-supply the IDF with smart munitions.

A particular post-action report, also highlights one of the issues the IDF faces. Specifically, the case of the three hostages, who were gunned down, as they waved a white flag, when they fled Hamas. At one point, the report said that they stopped firing, when someone noticed that a "western looking" person was down. More then half the IDF soldiers look about the same as the Hamas fighters they're targeting.

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