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In 2019, with a straight face the prime minister of Israel called the International Criminal Court anti semite 馃槀

that was years ago so if you are wondering why They鈥檙 calling everyone who is rightfully against the 2023 Palestinian genocide an anti semite please know it is their defense tactic since their colonial state was formed. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
ASLAN26-30, M
To them.. everybody's anti semite 馃し
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Moon362418-21, F
@jshm2 exactly.
settler colonialism is when
They steal your land
And give you a crumb of it to hold onto in brutal humiliation
Then they demand you to thank them for their generosity
i mean oh the audacity 馃槀
cerealguy26-30, M
People used to fear white people and Jews when they play victim or hero card 馃槀

This online exposure from the Muslims and Orthodox Jews alongside the youth has shaken the power of deception and it is a 賳毓賲丞 from the Most High we should truly consider after so much demoralization and "narrative" instead of truth
Anton56-60, M
Moon362418-21, F
@Anton hello.
That video is too long for me to watch
Can you summarize it for me in text?
芦Oy, it's too cold outside! The [i]weather[/i] is antisemitic!禄

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