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I love how people portray it as Muslims vs Jews

Meanwhile Christians in Gaza are doing collective baptism for all of their children in case they get killed by Israeli bombardment
Dozens were already killed even as they hid inside their church.
A former member of the US Congress had some of his Christian relatives blown to pieces in Gaza. And yet the official US position is still a non conditional green light to Israel.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Last time I checked it wasn’t Hamas killing the Christians in Gaza or bombing their church (third eldest in the world )
It’s Israel backed by USA that did

It makes you sit down and think
@Moon3624 Yep. Justin Amash had family members blown up by a bomb made in the USA and dropped by the Israeli Airforce and the response is crickets.
How many Christians and Jews live in the tolerant paradise of Saudi Arabia?
@LeopoldBloom Ummm no. Saudi Arabia has fuck all to do with this. Try again.

It is not about different standards. That is your game. Where Israel doesn't have to meet any standards of any kind including not committing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

And you want to talk about hypocrites? You have been screaming about Russians killing civilians but when it comes to Israel who have killed more in 4 weeks than Russia has done since 2022 and you are totally supportive of that.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@LeopoldBloom @PicturesOfABetterTomorrow

“ It's relevant because if you're going to hold Israel to a higher standard, that makes you a hypocrite.”

I’m not holding Israel to any standard.
You cannot hold an apartheid regime to any kind of standard.
Israel is a colonial terror state.
What is it that you do not understand?
It’s not about Jews Christians or Muslims
It’s not about religion
It’s about stealing lands and enforcing apartheid
How many times do we have to tell you to understand?

Let us hear the words of this rabbi

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People were liars and zionists are genocidal. Nothing changes when we learn these things again!
We'd need to wipe NATO off the map and hold Murka accountable for itself to have change.
LvChris · 41-45, M
The UN warned that the area is becoming nothing but "a graveyard for children" as israel yet again rejects a cease fire. They are wiping out an entire generation of children and its on purpose.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
This is his logic :
“A Terrorist took a hostage as a human shield in a bank ok let’s go bomb The bank !”
Yeah cuz that totally makes sense😂
Ukraine is a country
Gaza Strip is smaller than a quarter of eastern London and not an independent nation with a military or nervy
More have died in Gaza in less than a month
Than almost 2 years since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started
Yet Russia is bad and Israel is good
It seems as ppl only support their Allies and give no shit about justice .
And if Israel genuinely cared about their hostages why bombard Gaza where their hostages are literally held there?
Math isn’t mathing

Worse Israel kept refusing hostage acceptance or exchange

“Netanyahu rejected ceasefire-for-hostages deal in Gaza, sources say. Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a deal for a five-day ceasefire with Palestinian militant groups in Gaza in return for the release of some of the hostages held in the territory early in the war, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.”

“ We have offered to hand over those captives who are in severe humanitarian condition for solely humanitarian reasons. We wanted to hand them over to their families but the government is not serious. Unfortunately, the government of Israel refused to take them.”

““we would be releasing Nourit Yitshaq and Yokhefed Lifshitz for humanitarian reasons and without expecting anything in return. However, the Israeli occupation government refused to accept them,”

I don’t condone Hamas
But Hamas statistically speaking is far better than Israel
This is why for days I kept asking what’s the difference between Hamas and Israel I genuinely want to know
@Moon3624 And in a month the IDF has dropped more bombs on Gaza than was dropped on all of Afghanistan in a year during the height of the war.

And these idiots believe this is "targeted bombing"

By that logic Rolling Thunder was targeted because it was within South East Asia.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
The people never really asked themselves how Israel managed to quickly control water electricity etc
Literally the life line of Palestinians
And starve 2.2 million people in a matter of moments
Because they have always did control it

This is from amnesty in 2017:

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