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51-55, F
I'm easy to talk to and enjoy getting to know people.
About Me
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36-40, M
Sorry I wasnt around much. But we can start again
I’m feeling better, thanks 😊
Thanks for the cute gift ☺️
I'm off to bed add me if you like goodnight
31-35, M
Just to let you know I am leaving - take care and try to stay positive. My best wishes, - Chris
31-35, M
Don't send a gift back! We used to have a large shell like this and I always put it to my ear to hear the sea. No idea what happened to it but nice memory.
46-50, M
I like this on you. 😘
36-40, M
Hope we can be online at the same time soon.
Back at you sweet lady
Just sending along random smiles
36-40, M
I miss you too Melissa
Thank you so much for the heart.
This 4-leafed clover should bring you luck.
You hang in there, too. Okay? β™₯
To cheer up your day!
36-40, M
Thank you for the gift. It made my day
A tasty treat for you sweetie
A gift for you -
26-30, M
Thank you for the gift! :)
For my new friend
For gorgeous you
36-40, M
Thank you
36-40, M
Flowers for a doll
Thank-you 😏