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Please help me understand this Math Problem if You can

This math problem falls under the category of solving a two-step Equation with Signed Fractions.

The LCD I got for 5,4, and 3 was 15 and the final answer that got me was -1/4. But in the resolved problem they got 60 as the LCD What am I missing or what did I do wrong? Can someone please explain, thank you for your help and time.
Margo Best Comment
LCD = 60

MightyLion · 18-21, M
@Margo I figured it out, I think I was looking for LCD instead of LCM (least common multiple), thank you for trying to help me.

Northwest · M
Common multiples are the multiples that are common between a given set of numbers, and the least common denominator is the lowest common multiple of the denominators. In this case, if you have 5, 4 and 3, the LCD is going to be 5x4x3 = 60. The illustration you posted explains it.

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