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Blake Shelton- Goodbye Time

Been there so many times... gotten to the point I don't fight it anymore, after all [b]love is about giving expecting nothing in return.[/b]

An Ex once asked me out of the blue, (knowing full well I've been in many a relationship), "I don't understand, how can you just walk away without any feelings".

I said, "when I give of myself I give all now while in the relationship".
In that way I know I tried with all my heart to make things work and can walk away with no regrets. And when I leave and should I see you again, you don't even exist to me as if you were a stranger.
And thats exactly what happened to her, as I refused to make eye contact as I passed her.

ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F Best Comment
I’m trying to do just that but in my case, it’s my ex who can’t seem to ‘let go’

We split amicably, perhaps [i]too[/i] amicably (?)

We talk every day, for hours. He is still my best friend, and I still love him, but we just don’t work [i]together[/i]
So while I am trying to invent a new life without him, it’s tough when we still have so much contact. 🤦‍♀️
ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F
Thank you for that!! 🙃

Primnproper · 56-60, F
Yep i get that completely. My 1st husband has constantly tried to get me back even when in his 2nd marriage but i never go backwards and only look forwards. By the time the relationship has broken down ive exhausted everything to make it work. So i just move on.
Primnproper · 56-60, F
@sunriselover For me its rhe healthiest choice to not live in the sure for you too..
@Primnproper no I enjoy the present, and the future has possibilities.
Primnproper · 56-60, F
@sunriselover Thats always a good thing..🙂
Adstar · 56-60, M
Yeah, some woman are weird like that.. It's almost like that want to keep you on a long leash crawling behind them while they search for the next ""better man"" I guess it's a power thing.. They like to think their former BF's are still emotionally subservient to them in some way.. Evil thinking really..

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