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I Am Feeling Heartbroken

My boyfriend doesn’t love me and I love him..he tries so hard to love me back but I’m not her....why can’t I just let go...why won’t he love me back...
I don't have a girlfriend. So I just sing my own song and feel terrible when I watch rom-com movies. 😂
Sadcat · 26-30, F
Awwwww *hugs*@SW-User
@Sadcat 🤗
Move on and find your true love, he isn't yours.
Too sad. You need to let go and find somebody that can reciprocate your love. That said, it is easier said than done. Hopefully, you have somebody that you can talk to, that will listen and offer advice and nurturing.
If he doesn't love you leave if you dont you are only setting yourself up to get hurt and used
Sadcat · 26-30, F
@ExperienceDLT I broke up with him already
Coppercoil · M
If he could change he would

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