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I shouldnt think too much of this-

okay so i go to this school and im starting 11th grade and now some of my classes are mixed with the 12 graders wich is cool, so here is the thing- i have a boyfriend that goes to another school and we have been together for 7 months now going to 8 and i have a really big crush ( in love )on him and its all alright with us.

But in my school there is this guy from 12th grade that looks JUST THE SAME as my boyfriend
( my boyfriend makes me feel really like- i dont know how to explain it but i get very happy, energetic, shy with him etc...)

and the guy that looks like him is just- the same in attitude and everything but the thing is that when im around the guy i feel the same things i feel around my bf and i dont really know if that is normal like- he reminds me a lot of him but i dont know if its healthy for me to do that with some guy that doesnt even know me because its just weird because i stare a lot all the time and we even share a class together so its really bad-.

should I control myself over this? I dont like- have a crush on the guy but i dont really know how to explain it... so im confused with my situacion please help me.

i dont know who else to tell this because i feel like my friends will judge me and i ofc i wouldnt tell my bf about this so i really need an answer..
I suspect if you got to know more about this guy you’ll find out he is different from your bf
childgod · 16-17, F
@BiasForAction he is very much known all aroun the school, he is called the sushine of the generation and pretty much gets very well with people, i have Friends that have him as a friend too but i don't ask that much.

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