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I Wish For This

I wish that I do not have this constant longing to want to find a life partner.It will make things so much easier.I can't help the way I feel though.馃槶
CopperFox42036-40, F Best Comment
[c=BF0080]I used to be the same. Like codependent on someone who maybe doesn鈥檛 even exist. It took about 3-4 months of convincing myself that nobody was coming and I had no control over if anyone liked me or not. Help was not on the way. It broke me for awhile but now I鈥檓 good. I still hope someone will love me one day, but for now I like me and enjoy life on my own.[/c]

ravenwind4346-50, F
I understand the longing but there is no guarantee it will make things easier.:) Every relationship is a risk.
test987651-55, M
@ravenwind43 In the present? lol
ravenwind4346-50, F
@test9876 Nah...inter dimensional lol why limit myself
test987651-55, M
@ravenwind43 Are you proposing time travel, which may be related to deja vu? Please message to discuss in more detail lol
Fallflower46-50, F
Been there before and I鈥檓 sort of there now. Happy to be single but wondering if I will ever really be loved by someone I love too. Who knows? There is a nagging longing there that i wish I didn鈥檛 have but i guess it鈥檚 normal human stuff. But take it from me, this is so much better than being in a bad relationship. Take your time. It鈥檚 OK.
RuyLopez56-60, M
It seems that fate provides you with someone at the most unexpected times. Put yourself out there looking for nothing and see what happens. That came out of a fortune cookie btw. 馃槈
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
Some day your prince will come...

Just be careful what you wish for.
Barebum6161-69, M
Could be your downfall
ElRengo61-69, M
I麓ve been there.

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