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Id totally forgotten how warm long skirts are🤗

Its the cold part of winter now, 0⁰ nights, with 10⁰ days. Frosty mornings and heatless sunny days.

Ive been tucking up in front in the fire and binge watching stuffs at night.

- Currently 'Anne of Green gables' - it reminds me so fondly of my mother 🤗

....its also inspired me to dig out my long skirts and witchy heeled ankle boots, (i think they are called spool heels), .......and feel a little 'victorian'☺️

I love era'ed clothing.

I went out and bought in the bins this morning in the fog.

Ooooh...id forgotten how warm layers of skirts are🤗
Shits all over jeans.💪

Not to mention i get some weird little pleasure from hearing my skirts swish about as i walk .

I dont know what made me put them all away and forget about them.
But im glad they are back in my wardrobe☺️
Reject · 26-30, M
As a man, I will never know the joys of swishing skirts. 😔
michaela2001 · 70-79, M
@Reject Oh well, then you will never know how comfortable skirts & dresses are. That's a shame. 😒
@Reject in truth, its a lovely feeling .
If a skirt is cut right, and you walk at the right speed, its kind of a symbiotic flow of sensations: the swing of fabric, the swish of air, thr rustle of skirts🤗
Reject · 26-30, M
@OogieBoogie A girl and her fashion! Symbiotic is a good word for that. Lol. It sounds empowering. 💃🏻
scorpiolovedeep · 46-50, M
Stay warm...damn cold in Tassie.
I usually have the fluffy throw around me while I am watching tv.
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MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
I always thought Australia never got cold
@MrBrownstone 😏...in places it does:

Not that im in Liawenee, im further south, and closer to the coast. But its cold enough fog can hang on the river till 10...11 am.
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@ShenaniganF00die ooh...smooches .
I like smooches 🤗
Youre such a gummy bear ☺️🤗

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