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Sometimes, I see worlds. But they're vague, fragments and pieces and not whole. How does one get to fill a blank page again?

It's like I want to create something...an art, a story, whatever form...But I forgot how to live, and I'm working on changing my reality, so I can't.
Not yet anyway.
No, it isn't writer's block. And I'm not even that tired physically. But maybe my heart needs adventure before I can jump back on the imagination part and use words to build worlds and lives.

I used to write for escape. But now I've learned to face my fears. So writing doesn't really feel the same.
There's no need to escape from something I'm striving to make better with God's help.
But then, how do I write?
Dv8rs · 18-21, F Best Comment
You have the ability to do what you want to do, but upon reading about your conundrum I found one huge drawback in the words (so I can't.). Do what you want artistically, there are no mistakes. You don't need to create a bestseller, or a Picasso, do you, and you can do the best you, you can do.

WaryWitchWandering · 36-40, F
You could write to help others escape/feel better

People can get lost in books for a bit… it’s a nice way to “escape” your current reality for a moment, and can even be inspiring

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