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Tonight's Play -- King Lear (1605-06)

Instead of sticking to a loose chronological approach that sets apart the whole War of the Roses series of plays for later, i am diving into one of the great plays, the consensus seems to say that Lear is a strong contender for the Bard's best. I have need to be much more familiarized with it. I like the fine film adaptation by Akira Kurasawa's RAN. There's a few recordings i have in my Audible library, as with all my initial follow throughs i will be using the Arkangel, which are always so engaging. Plus YouTube is riddled with Shakespearean content just waiting for me to be whisked away with.


The RSC complete works has good Intros to everything
Marjorie Garber's Shakespeare After All is a collection of essays on each play
A.C. Bradley's Shakespearean Tragedy covers all the great tragedies and is an influential work itself

Running time: just over 3 hours -- with cigarette breaks and so forth 4 and a half hours

After play party of one: -- reading some of the helps on this work

Sadly the Arden edition of Lear seems to not be around for kindle all there is is a performance edition, i don't think that would suit my needs.

And in about 10.5 hours from now i will return to church after a long hiatus, i hope they don't make too much of it, or i shan't ever be back.
bookerdana · M
I have a copy The Yale Complete Shakespeare ($10.00 on sale) Sometimes it is better to let the words wash over you before going into analysis...Art should bring out nascent emotion without subtitles
@bookerdana That's a good point, for with too much help earlier on, any unique perspective you would have is gone, and endued to whichever perspectives you first encounter. ty

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