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Brush up your Shakespeare, start quoting him now ...:)

The latest rabbit hole i've gone down is Shakespeare, for all this time i had only editions of his works that hardly have any helps offered, i guess it was pride, not thinking i needed help, but i surely didn't read him that much, but now i have such an appreciation for the guy, did you know he introduced THOUSANDS of words into the english language? Dude was a wunderkind if ever there was one. I have 2 complete works with oodles of annotations, plus there's other editions where you can only get a Play each, the top of the line is The Arden Shakespeare, oh man, their Hamlet edition has over 600 pages, filled to the brim with helps. He often uses words our modern minds don't understand, so with the helps you can piece it all together. Shakespeare, like all great literature is someone you live with. You don't polish off a play and consider all it's mysteries unveiled for you. Even the top Shakespearean scholars readily admit that they're still learning. Nothing but the bible has made such a big impact.

The Arkangel recordings are a blast also, i follow along as i listen, what a wonderful immersive experience!!

Shakespeare is the number 1 literary source for the head man at the book club i'm a part of, he is such a nice man, i've written directly to him, and busy as he must be, he took the time to reply in depth and at length. But as exhilarating as talking personally to an idol, my favorite person online, it doesn't hold a candle to the time spent with my dad, seeing him feeling good, seeing hope shine through his facial expressions, and emailing some members of my family.
SteelHands · 61-69, M
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SteelHands · 61-69, M
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