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The talk. Title to short

Everyone always fears "the talk" whether with your parents, your principal, your boss or any sort of partner. They knew the day was coming where it had to happen.

It was a typical start to them hanging out, a quick text a week or so before "hey I need a new helmet, want to come along" "yeah I'm free Tuesday, need one as well"

This was a different setting then normal, they didn't have an activity to fall back on if the conversation ran dry which neither should of feared. They talked about everything walking from store to store, girl things, guy things, friend things, stranger things. Both finding what they were looking for after a few hours. Walking past a lingerie store she looked in. This was the point where he starting just watching

She walked over to the display window "how do you think I'd look in this?" She asked with a playful smile having put herself on display for him essentially from the day they'd met, whether it was teasing or could be taken further he'd never tried to find out.

"Like anything else you'd look awesome in it" he said without a moment's hesitation. This was a woman who's small firm ass was amazing in sweat pants, her body was perfectly proportioned for the 5'5" tall frame with breasts that he's guess as a b cup, legs that went for days, the face of an angel and a voice to match. Bright Blue eyes that every time he looked into he wanted to kiss her.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the store with her going to find the corset she'd saw in the window. This was the first and she hoped the last time he'd ever be hesitant with her.

He had to say something. Everything is decided right now he thought. "We need limits" he blurted out "if you're not 'that' and I don't cheat we need limits RIGHT NOW".

She had done this just for the reaction, she knew no one was ever going to see her in this, at least not in the near future but she still wanted to know she was attractive.

The sales lady appeared and eyed her up and down, guessed fairly accurately at her measurements and handed her the things to try on, taking them to the dressing room she opened the door for the lady and told the man "you stay there" pointing at the chair against the wall.

Speechless he sat down. Something had to happen, it was a situation he'd hoped for, seeing her in anything was always attention getting and he'd never seen her dressed more than casually.

She walked out in the pink corset and he looked like a cartoon character, jaw on the floor, eyes popping out of his head. You could see his heart jumping out of his chest "do you like it?" She asked doing a turn and lifting her hair so he could see the one part of her he hadn't envisioned undressing, her back.

"I'll buy it for you, you have to get dressed and we have to go". She tossed a smile over her shoulder at him well opening the change room door. The sales lady returned at the exact moment he was standing up and shook her head at him. Thinking 'as much as I'd like to that wasn't the intention' and figured sitting back down was probably best.

As awkward as it should've been it never was with them, carrying on with the bags they chatted as normal. She knew he was right about the conversation they'd never had, he was married and she wouldn't be part of a home wrecking whether it was happy or not. "What are our limits?" She casually asked.

"I want to be friends with you for a very long time". He started. "I think our limits should be no physical contact and no outright nudity." He absolutely loved how she showed off for him, something his wife would never do. "Oh, we can do the normal fist bump for good-bye" he added.

She thought it over in what seemed like a blink of an eye. "Ok, if you're ever single I'm saving that for you" shaking the lingerie bag. This is either the smartest or dumbest thing I've ever done she thought.

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