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Just another story

The 2 of them appeared and took longer than usual to get lost in their own little world. She'd gotten a new boyfriend and this was always a test, not purposefully. His wife was there as always for these "double dates". He knew he'd hear about it for months to come and didn't care.

They were going to some outdoor patio and walking a good distance to enjoy the fresh air. The 4 of them made small talk as the walk began. Everything was going smoothly. It began to rain lightly and then the newcomer to this group started to wonder, suddenly 2 grown ass adults were jumping in puddles and splashing each other. The temperature had dropped enough everyone should be shivering but these 2 were acting like children and loving every second of it. He looked at the man's wife, she was attractive as well as the main female character in this story. "Doesn't this bother you?" He asked not discreetly.

"Oh, hell yes" she replied, "I bet those 2 get mistaken for a couple more than once today, and pretty much anytime they're together" she didn't add 'if you can't handle it your car is still close enough to leave'.

Having had some fun everyone began walking together and chatting. The ladies in the middle chatting with their normal friendliness, not quite forced but not quite natural either. The husband felt the one person he couldn't steal her attention away from was his own wife.

The new boyfriend mentally shook his head not sure what he'd gotten into. He looked at the non-couple of the group "Are you 2 ex's or future lovers or something?"

In unplanned synchronizity they replied "Nope, we're really good friends who don't hang out very often"

"Why not?" He asked expecting some bullshit answer.

I'm sure either of them could've given a truthful answer that was understandable. The wife answered first "you've known my husband what?" She looked at her watch "25 minutes now and already are asking this. Imagine what them hanging out more than a couple times a year would look like"

"And you're ok with this?". He asked the wife again. She shrugged her shoulders.

It should've gotten awkward for the 2 being questioned, they'd fallen into their own world one half randomly replied something believable knowing the truth would be brutal to anyone outside the circle of 2. "We absolutely care about, enjoy and respect each other far far to much to want to risk changing it"

Things turned more into a casual double date with the normal inquiry into a friend's new partner as they arrived at the patio. Fortunately the sun had come back out and it was warmer

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