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Moonlight Vigil - September writing prompt #23

Tonight I stand a moonlight vigil
the sea now far from being still
alone on watch as I cross Biscay
occasional dolphin comes by to play
swell sweeps by disturbing horizontal
never arriving quite full frontal
pressing my weight first left then right
letting me feel the oceanโ€™s might
the silence is loud with wave and wind
one more roller follows right in
the moonlight moved bounces back in glee
showing a way forward out to sea
stomach growls at the odd disturbance
head ignores the strange perterberance
time for now almost stood quite still
a day to climb this watery hill
with one more again to get back down
while the vista view on salty frown
stays the same all around
shifting black watery ground
blue by day
now soundly away
as myriad stars join the moon
and reflections shimmers swoon
at the vastness of this wonderful space
and the insignificance of our tiny place
a speck amid this huge creation
lonesome fun for recreation


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