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Find your way - July writing prompt


Your rocky shores rise steeply
up rounded cliffy heights,
your gannets cries quite greedy,
calling for sea food delights.

Your beaches scoured with clear water,
eroding glass mixed amongst the stones,
your old defences relentless falter,
past piers are stripped like bones.

Your red brick winded road
meanders up and round;
your proud loved, ancient island abode,
with wind blown fish rich surround.

Your boats and ships move busily about,
ferrying folks to and fro;
your central modern church stands out,
ferries inviting one to go.

Your bobbing seals watch on,
the calm and happy bustle;
your ducks and geese quack along
their busy sea life hustle.

Your car less, bike less paradise
where visitors and islanders walk
shops gently beckon; “tax free price”
around tables filled with talk.

Your single path, quite circular
a gentle stroll within a day
for even an old slow rambler
To easily find your way.
TinFoilHat · F
Interesting! I'd never even heard of Helgoland. From the photos I think you've captured it beautifully.
SailingSlow · 61-69, M
@TinFoilHat - it’s out in the North Sea off the North German coast - and really beautiful 😀😀😀
TinFoilHat · F
@SailingSlow Yeah, I Googled it to learn about it. 😉
Magenta · F
Another lovely one! The images you pair with the words are top notch.
TinFoilHat · F
@SailingSlow Did you take this or find it online?
SailingSlow · 61-69, M
@TinFoilHat - these are all off my phone ☺️ - I sailed in on the outer boat on the jetty
TinFoilHat · F
@SailingSlow This one is like a painting!

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