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I Express Myself Through Writing

Shiny painted wood and wavy, sculpted mane

Transluscent green eyes

The envy of the young she would garner, as the children raced to claim her first

She relished their attention and polished, smiling faces

Their laughter was soul- nurturing and was all the filly needed

Round and round on the carousel was her life

Never moving from her fixed point, and yet ever in motion

As the years past, she longed to see beyond the tents, lights, and other rides into the places amongst the dark forests

Eventually, her paint started wear and fade on her rounded edges

The lights illuminating her from above began to yellow or go dark

The young riders became more sparse and eventually all infatuation in her and the ride ceased completely

The carousel was disassembled and crated

The once jewel of the herd found herself in darkness for many years

Eventually she was removed from the crate as vendors from other fairs looked upon her, however she remained in the warehouse for many decades

One day a distant light moved closer towards her in the dark, vastness of the building

She was carried out into the cool air and blue skies, as the dust and cobwebs were wiped away

A man loaded the mare onto a truck

The country scenery flew past her in a blur and she relished the wind and the freedom she hadn't felt for many years

The forward motion was something the mare had never experienced on the carousel

The smiling man with grey hair and greenish brown eyes unloaded her

He set to work stripping off her old finish and repainting her.

The brass pole behind her mane was refinished to a lustrous shine

The mare was restored to her former glory

A younger man approached from behind and asked the older man why he had taken on such a project

The older man replied, "When I was a child many years ago, I always loved the carousel. This particular horse was always my favorite! I have so many fond memories of seeing my mother smiling at me as I went 'round and 'round. The last night she was alive before the accident, I had been on this very one, so you can see why it will always remain special to me."

The younger man's face softened as he looked to the floor of the workshop and smiled

From then on the mare was displayed in a prized location in the older man's home

The mare had mattered to a small boy...never to be forgotten...
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Very thoughtful story.
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[@372543,Vivaci] Thank you for reading!
[@126886,Chagrined] Loved the message it conveys....we all need a little bit of loving....
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[@372543,Vivaci] We do!
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