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Erotica storyline poll

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Option 1- Emma's man getting all the action
Option 2- both men getting some action
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Hi everyone

So I'm planning an erotica story that I'd like to take a poll on, I'm not sure which way to go with the story so I decided to see what other people think.

The story will start out with 2 characters, I'll call them Tina and Emma for now.

It's the night before Tina's wedding to the man she's dated since school and she's staying at Emma's house (who's her maid of honour) they have a couple of drinks, get silly and end up doing the experimenting they never did as teenagers because Tina was in a relationship. They end up having sex and Emma's boyfriend catches them and eventually joins in.

The two options for how I would take this are below for the poll.

I know it might be unrealistic and a bit cliché, if you don't like the story that's fine, just don't vote. I don't want to change the basics of the story or the ideas I've had but if you have suggestions you think will improve them then I'd love to hear them.

[b]Option 1[/b]
On the day of the wedding Tina fools around with Emma and her boyfriend a bit more on the wedding day. after the wedding this becomes a semi regular thing between the 3 of them with Tina's new husband not being aware of anything. The story will progress through to Emma's wedding and a threesome they all have that gets both Emma and Tina pregnant and Emma's new husband feeling rather proud of himself for getting both of them pregnant at the same time and having hogged all the wedding action of the 2 girls.

[b]Option 2[/b]
On the day of the wedding Tina still fools around with Emma and her boyfriend again on the wedding day but gets pregnant on this occasion this time from Emma's boyfriend. The 2 girls then see each other just the 2 of them going forward, no threesomes with either of the guys (though I may work in an FFF threesome for a bit of fun) until we arrive at Emma's wedding. They then have sex again the day before the wedding and the same thing happens except with Tina's husband, threesome and wedding day action and Emma falls pregnant. In the end of this one each man is left feeling like he has got one over on the other because of the threesomes and in their suspicions of the other couples child being theirs with only the girls knowing the whole truth.

Thanks for reading and voting, love to you all!
be good to have a story teller ,all we got now is Q & A post,,be looking,,
bhatjc · 46-50, M
Maybe a foursome in the future.

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