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So far, I've written 3629 posts, mostly spiritual, and want to keep a majority of them.

There are members of my family that would like to have them and I thought about putting them in a little book, and I'm afraid that if SW ever closes down, I will lose them all, and I worked so hard on them. I have inquired quite some time ago, if there's some way they could gather my posts and send them to me for safe keeping, but they said there wasn't.

I don't have a program that will allow longer posts to be copied and stored as they only allow so many characters of course, so I don't know what program I could get that is easy for me to understand so that I could copy some posts here if necessary, though that would take forever, but at least I could save some, but don't know what program I could use to store them. With the format here, there's no way to store them on my hard drive. I'm not familiar enough with the Word program, to store them there. I don't know how to do all that stuff and I don't know how to open zip files. I've tried that before. Isn't there some kind of a journal application that I could use to both write long articles, and keep them and others that I've written here, on file? It really upsets me that I'll lose them all.
I don't think there is a easy solution with so many post ..And they can very easily be lost in one way or another.
I myself are very very spiritual. I have had some very interesting spiritual experience in my life ..??馃
@TheStranger feel free to message me
@LadyGrace 馃馃馃.
@TheStranger Thank you so much.
Dave195561-69, M
You could try putting them on Google Notes I use it and I keep some long stuff on there. It will also get backed up onto Google Drive
@Dave1955 great advice. I'll try that! Thank you so much.
@Dave1955 is that also called Google Keep?
Dave195561-69, M
@LadyGrace Yes in was , I'd forgotten it used to be called that I used it for years
Copy as many as you can the old fashioned way over time. A few a day. I think you should be able to get it done.
@LadyGrace you could probably just use google docs or something you already have access to.
@SW-User okay. Much appreciated. I will try that. Is Google Docs something already included in my Google account or do I have to download it
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If I could use my work computer I would copy paste them all into Microsoft word for you

I could work with you to organize them all into volumes

Alas I cannot
@SW-User Aw, you're sweet. I appreciate the thought, even if you can't do it. 鉂ゐ煓
FreestyleArt31-35, M
You do have a good point. Maybe I need to save my work before it happens. Most of my Questions are dumb and some are political back then.

I have close to 20,000 XD
@FreestyleArt yes if you can, store them. Back them up.
Johnconnor31-35, M
I hope SW will be remodified but won't be lost like EP but anyways

To Mr @Andrew
Please find a way to save the important posts/ memories.

Thank you
You can take screenshots of them and have them printed.
@Spoiledbrat that's not a bad idea at all but not really ideal to put in a book it wouldn't look very good but still not a bad idea. I just have to get my printer fixed
uncalled456-60, M
I suppose you could screenshot them, but for thousands of posts, that sounds like an arduous task.
@uncalled4 it definitely doesn't and it's a Samsung Galaxy!
@uncalled4 the reviews on that app aren't sounding good at all, so I didn't download it. Apparently it's not as good as it used to be
uncalled456-60, M
@LadyGrace There has to be an easy and affordable solution. I mean, I use notepad because I don't care about formatting.

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