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One moment of confidence being shirtless

A few days ago I decided to take off my shirt when leaving my neighborhood. Since I didn't feel confident enough to walk shirtless on busy streets I opted for a quieter alternative path four blocks before reaching the main street.

I enjoyed the sun on the sunny side and, upon reaching the main street, I hesitated whether to continue without a shirt or put it on again. Looking back, I saw another man about 10-15 meters away from me who was also shirtless (he had his tank top hanging from his jeans) . I like to think we coincidentally took the same path, and my shirtless stroll inspired him to do the same.

Since then, I have been happy to have inspired another man to take off his shirt in public.
irrelevant · M
I can recall two occasions when I was out basking in a hot summer day, and another shirtless guy came up to talk about the joy of going shirt free. One said, "sun's out, guns out," and the other, "shirts are overrated." Male bonding?
ShibaInu · M
You look better without one.
Midlifemale · 61-69, M
You are starting a male topless trend there
dannyppaul · 61-69, M
one small step for man...

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