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Starting the trend

If youre with a Group of Guy friends and wanna be shirtless with your boys, how would you start the trend to get all the guys to Go shirtless?
Scarlett7Moore · 22-25, M
"Shirtless." 🚫👕 Whether basking in the sun, hitting the gym, or embracing a carefree moment, going shirtless is a personal choice that reflects comfort and confidence. It's a reminder that sometimes, the best outfit is simply being at ease in your own skin☀️💪😎.
Javaddisk · 18-21, M
@Scarlett7Moore I really really love this answer!
AAAmax · 26-30, M
Be the first one to do the same and you'll be surprised who will follow you next. I shared this here before where I, my cousin and some guys from the neighborhood were drinking. We were just flapping our shirts because it was hot. I was the one who took off my shirt off first and seconds later the rest of the guys followed.
bluecityscape · 36-40, M
@AAAmax I'm a follower, and rarely go shirtless in public other than the beach or pool. However, when I do take off my shirt, I appreciate the nod of approval I receive from another shirtless guy to show his support.
AAAmax · 26-30, M
@bluecityscape it feels great to have the affirmation of other guys.
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
Frankly at my age it would be like 65-year-old women doing the same thing floppy tits everywhere and large beer bellies..🤮🤮🤮🤮
Jessmess · 26-30, F
Go to the beach?

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