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My second time walking shirtless in public

That day I was so excited and nervous because I had only done it once before. On that day, the nerves almost got the best of me because there was a little less than half the way to go and I didn't have the courage to take it off. I was on a main avenue with lots of people and shops along the way. So, I turned into an alternate street where it was emptier. First, I undid the buttons and when there was no one around, I took it off and wrapped it around my waist. That felt like a big sigh of relief. The trickiest part about going shirtless at first is just that: taking off the shirt, it's crazy. Because once I was walking without a shirt, I felt a confidence I hadn't felt before, and the nicest thing was feeling the warm sun and the wind on my whole torso. The experience was short but really good.
Ericlikesbarefeet · 41-45, M
Your body looks good. Leave your house shirtless tomorrow, and spend a good amount of time shirtless. Don’t bring a safety shirt with you. You’ll get used to it real fast.
The male body is beautiful. Your body is beautiful. You should be proud of yourself. Doesn’t matter what other people think. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re a handsome man with a great body, don’t cover it up.
Javaddisk · 18-21, M
@Noshirt Thank you so much! My confidence in being shirtless grows more and more, I like people to see my body, it makes me feel attractive
AAAmax · 26-30, M
Glad you were brave to do the first step. I also started from that kind of experience
kwood1 · 61-69, M
Looking good there
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
May i ask why you dont go shirtless more? I mean i can think of several things but as i don’t know the reason my ideas are mostlikely wrong
Javaddisk · 18-21, M
@DiegoWolfe What comes to your mind? The truth is simple, I am still very shy and I am still in the process of gaining confidence to go out, for now I only take it off for a few streets and I try to be discreet but my goal is to be able to be shirtless for as long as possible.
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
@Javaddisk then i am so proud of you, i was not sure if you were amab or not that was the only thing that came to my mind, thank you for declaring your truth
Next time leave your shirt on.
Javaddisk · 18-21, M
@Submissiveiendencies It sounds very boring, I'd better take it off all the way and go without a safety shirt. 😜

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