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Its happened already

Just received a report from the SW police about my post while I haven't got any negative replies from anyone it seems there are those that don't like it. I will continue to post and leave things as they are but if they are so upset about that post well I dont know that I should continue because the farther I go the more extreme and expilcit it will be
helenS36-40, F
Looking forward... 馃槒
MartinII70-79, M
I doubt if anyone has complained about it, not least because it takes the SW police about 9 months to deal with complaints. However their algorithm is triggered by any post that mentions both minors and anything 鈥渁dult鈥. A friend of mine was drummed out a few years ago for posting a wholly factual account of schoolgirls being punished.
maturemuff6161-69, F
@MartinII yes but SW sent me a message about it at this point/time there are 16 replies 218 views all the replies are positive wondering about the reviews because SW is not going to reveal who the complaints come from but I do agree with you
Basically it has to do with what is being shown in the picture. If a person is just standing naked in a photo, that's fine. But anything that is considered vulgar, or is being sexualized, that's when it gets deleted. But I think that is explained in the Terms of Service.

There might be a "make private" option, so only people on your friends list can see what you've posted, instead of it being in a public space.
maturemuff6161-69, F
@twiigss OK I realize all that but I never post any pix with my stories besides the one about me when I was under age well Im so old that they didnt make cameras back then lol
@maturemuff61 yea I'm not sure if the story violates anything.
maturemuff6161-69, F
@twiigss Yes I agree and we have a lot of KARENS on here
Strictmichael7561-69, M
If someone doesn鈥檛 like what you write, they shouldn鈥檛 read it!
Strictmichael7561-69, M
Some really stupid people on here
they are not consistent in there views on some posts. I have seen people naked and thats fine, Then another post showing the same stuff and it says deleted by staff. Dont worry just keep posting
maturemuff6161-69, F
@nevergiveup Thank You and I intend to
@maturemuff61 Love your posts and your pictures鉂わ笍
This site thrives by the variety of personalities here. I would hate to see someone repressed because some were 鈥渦ncomfortable鈥. Many play with the TOS but we all play by the rules by this time.
MissingLink51-55, M
One time when I wrote about a "first time" experience my entire account was deleted! Probably because I mentioned ages.
I read your posts and there is nothing offensive. I don't even see anything that's controversial.
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
Would that be the actual SW admin or just the vigilante segment of the membership?
CommandLine56-60, M
I don't care what anyone posts. Live and let live.
Cubanheel1556-60, M
Please continue I鈥檓 enjoying it
mainvane61-69, M
we are with you Jeanne!
What was it about?
Ozdharma61-69, M
I love your posts Jeanne 馃グ
Stay with it!

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