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I Am Mad, Sad, Disappointed

Im getting really fed up with people just wanting my money and not caring about anything else. I’ve just about had it with the academy owner. I used up nearly all my mobile data again through Skype for my singing lessons and despite addressing the issue and asking for it to be on a app that Uses less data she just continued to remind me to pay for my classes. I pay £200 out a month and I asked my singing teacher if I could sing proper opera songs instead of just musicals and he didn’t even seem interested in wanting to teach me when I originally signed up for opera singing lessons not musical theatre. He said wait until we have done the other two songs , i I’ve been doing the same one ever since I joined the academy and he still won’t let me move on from it. He actually said everything is good expect for one part of it and that’s the low note on one of the lines. I have another musical theatre song that the female teacher gave me to sing as she’s a stand in when my main teacher isn’t available. It’s like he’s holding me back just to get more money out of me. And the owner won’t let the woman take over and teach me full time even though she asked about it. I asked about singing proper opera songs when I first joined and he said we can do but he never let me. I’m trying to find somewhere else to go but most places are too far away as I only have bus transport and most don’t bother getting back to me. When the virus is over , I’m thinking of leaving the academy as they seem to only care about money and don’t seem to care about actually teaching me and making me the best I can be.
Kodel · 26-30, M
Man that sounds rough. I know the feeling of being used though. It's not a very pleasant feeling. To feel like you're giving everything you have to something and someone else is just going, "thanks very much!" and scarpering for the hills. I would say that maybe you should focus this time on honing your skills. Keep working at your craft. I know that it will be hard as it sounds to me that you would be more than qualified to sing full operas. If you work on yourself more, when the time comes that you can leave the academy, you can blow someone else away with how wonderful your voice is. I truly believe that you can power through this. I offer you my full support in doing so and tell you, that you do not have to go through this alone.
Why wait? If you aren't getting value from the academy then why stay?
@SW-User because I’m struggling to find somewhere else local and accessible for me to get my lessons and because of the virus it’s held me back so I have to have them online until I can go out to actual places
@SW-User I understand that. But if you're not happy why waste the money and just save it and wait.
Zaxel · 26-30, M
its a business, very few care about the customers . the best ones do
There are good teachers that will work with you

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