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Weight loss , meh

Losing weight isn’t something to grieve it’s something I needed to do , this sounds bizarre .. it’s gonna sound even more freaky but there was a time when I felt like being physically pretty was so f^^king wrong

Like I had no right to be

Because I was resented and treated badly when I was so foolishly or perhaps wisely depending on how you see it I let myself go

I started gaining weight , content in the feelings that I wouldn’t be bothered. I wouldn’t have to take hate from those who felt insecure around me from their own self esteem issues

I figured I may as well just be chub chick with a bubbly personality

Ugh what a loser I was for being so hard on myself from the pain i experienced from others

I was so wrong

There’s nothing wrong with being physically fit and ~ or pretty

There’s nothing wrong with being a big girl either

What matters is what we carry inside of us and yes I was my own worst enemy from my own dumb insecurities

That was then ~ but this is now

And today I have finally found my way


People can be cruel but that’s who they are not who I should become

We are all guilty of self destruction in some ways , then some of us wake up to how we can change and with that we help others … right ?

I guess deep down I didn’t mind being a fat cat ( makes fun of myself )

TexChik · F
You only get one shot at life, regrets are a disaster. Why not be fit, healthy and strong and enjoy life to the fullest?
So true 💃🏻

I’m trying and every day I feel stronger… considering how vulnerable I felt a few months ago I think that counts for a lot even if there’s no recognition it’s a necessity. I understand this … @TexChik
TexChik · F
@ThreeLittleBirds Baby steps...dont be in a rush; just be committed to do the work and the ultimate goal and the rest will take care of itself.

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