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I Have a Confession

Okay I hate when people message me just because they have a t-girl or crossdresser fetish and message me and ask for pics of me naked or show me pics of their junk. Just because I'm starting to come out as bigendered and I dress and present myself as a woman doesn't mean I wanna send you naughty pics or see naughty pics of you. If you read my profile I'm happily married and my wife supports, encourages, and embraces me on our journey of being who I feel I truly am. I'm not on here for a online hookup. I'm here for support and encouragement in exploring my feminine side. I know my lifestyle isn't for everyone but if you wanna get to know me for me, have questions about being bigendered, have questions about my journey, marriage, or anything concerning me becoming Heather I'm more than willing to talk to anyone. If you only want sex chat or exchange naughty pics don't waste your time. This girl will block you immediately!
Why is it when a butch female gets with a girlie female that no one bats an eye anymore ?? It's almost expected that a butch will have a girlfriend or two... But turn the table and have a straight looking acting guy get with a feminine or trans M2F male and people go crazy ?? Is it that degrading for a male to emulate or fell comfortable as female ? I hate double standards... Or is it just plain bigotry ??
I agree, I get so many messages where they just say "Hi" and think I'm suppose to respond. I check their profile and they have never contributed anything, so what is their interest in a T-girl like me.
I find it very interesting how much programing there is out there right now on the subject. It's just one more step towards getting the world to know we exist and with this type of exposure in time it might just become as accepted as being gay is today.
Same here! I keep saying this, but they don't get it!! Guys that can only think with their junk will be ever present and we that want to talk seriously about things that matter and infer something sexual will ally bed the blocking tool!
2cool4school · 46-50, F
It’s hard to tell some people’s motivation to be friends on here no matter who you are :/
Sorry you’ve felt it too ☹️
Well said!
And now we know why women get frustrated on EP.
Ugh. I had typed a longish message to you re receiving friend request and then I press "send" only to find out you don't accept messages not in your circle. It's okay, I understand.
I agree with you, but it's still nice to know there are people attracted to you as a woman

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