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Funny how when I was little, fat, and naïve no one wanted to talk to me

The girls didn’t want to be my friends, the boys never had a crush on me, and my parents would call me stupid.

Now that I’m obviously way older, more knowledgeable and cold all the girls are attracted to my blunt and toxic honesty, my parents show off to their friends and family about how smart and achievable I am, and all the guys fawn over me. Well now fuck everyone. Yeah I’m narcissistic and whatever but now everyone is paying. I just manipulate everyone and play with them like cat and mouse. Now everyone wants to be my friend- well should’ve done that when I was a lonely child and actually needed someone.

I’m high so I’m just angry venting.
ThatGirlx · F
yup its sad that this is how the world works and my brother and i experienced this too
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
You're not narcissistic lol 😂
You're just aware of your standards. That's normal.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
People grow up sometimes
AnonymousJSS · 22-25, F
@MarineBob Yeah I know. But the damage is done so my huge ego is a defense mechanism but oh well I really don’t care but I do acknowledge it and I do go to therapy.
NerdySoph · 26-30, F
AnonymousJSS · 22-25, F
@NerdySoph Yeah it was rough (emotionally)
But are you content ?

We all grow and change and adapt from our experiences ....but are you who you want to be?
Are you someone you like ?

I had a period on my life when everyone was my friend ....but then I learnt they were just hanging onto an image I portrayed.
And that image was flawed.

I'm twice your age and still working out what I truly value. And those values determine how I find intrinsic value in myself ....not based on how many like me, or what others think of me .

And those values help me find people that are worthy of my time and attention .

I suppose what I'm asking is: is all that attention truly what fulfills you ?

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