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2004 // 2024

The year 2004 was when i had no more the daily or weekly recurring of instances of things i had to do, i had entered a dream world, where i had all this time to myself.

I had just gotten a DVD player, my first DVD purchase was Volumin, a collection of Bjork music videos up to Nature is Ancient ... the first 2 DVD's i rented were House of 1000 Corpses and 21 Days Later, this was wild .... later on i listened to Herzog's commentary to his Murnau adaptation and my cinephile days were just around the corner.

I would also spend copious amounts of time reading what i could on Taoism, and doing a silly attempt to clear the mind and all that.

Before Herzog the films which helped in my preparation for arthouse were

Gerry by Gus van Sant, 1st time was a revelation, something so minimal and it was like a cleansing experience, rejecting the all too much, for the barely enough.

Koyaanisqatsi -- this was for me, afloat and observing the world i didn't belong to anymore, where i had no place in, all i was was a guy watching movies, this film showed the world like how i felt towards it.

Gothika -- this Halle Berry movie is what got me to the breaking point, no more blockbusters for me i said defiantly, i'm gonna watch things where i have to read what they're saying!!

The year 2024 finds me in an abode with an ailing dad, who for sanity's sake i try to avoid as much as i can, finding much to enjoy care of the internet, long wake periods, long sleep periods, never a dull moment, but if observed it would look dull.

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