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Do you feel i wasted 3 months running behind my crush?

As you all know i had crush on this girl Akankshya in my University where we study MBA but she is in a different classroom. She is within 21-23 age range and I am 23 now and she is very pretty almost model like and above my league. Sadly i feel like i wasted 3 months from February to May by running behind her thinking she will like me back. But she was never into me. She gave her number but never replied to my whatsapp texts. I even hugged her last month but she gave an awkward smile. She even avoided my phone calls several weeks ago pretending to not be able to hear me. All these made me feel she isnt into me.

Honestly i miss this girl Anshika in my class who is also 23 and i had crush on her in my University for 7 months. She was the first girl who told me hi on my first day of MBA. She even called me cute when i used to smile and i even gave her chocolate twice. She would initiate conversations with me where with Akankshya it was totally one sided. Anshika definitely knew i liked her too as she would smile at me whenever i looked at her. Unfortunately she started ignoring me since Feb after she came to know about my crush on Akankshya. Now i mostly see her with this other guy Vaibhav in our class who is 24. I also missed my chance of talking with this girl Shivangini in our class who is 24 and tried to initiate conversations with me but as i am introvert, the conversations were short. She is pretty and i like her strong personality and confidence. She sometimes still says me Hi. But i feel its too late with Shivangini as she has preconceived notions about that I am shy and awkward. Do you feel I wasted my 3 months running behind Akankshya instead of sticking to Anshika or trying to socialize more with Shivangini?

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