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My hair lately and over the years

As it’s growing back, and I’ve got “chemo curls” which aren’t much different from the curls I had when I was a kid, I remember how hard it was to manage. I don’t really know how to style short curls. Other kids used to make fun of me, even sometimes spitting in my hair, because they thought it looked gross. I used to tie it back to get it out of my face, and I ignored it.

My mom’s hair was straight, and when she’d brush mine or try to style it, she’d hurt me and yell at me for how “disgusting” my hair was. When I got older, I didn’t brush it much because I was sick of being hurt. I didn’t realize till I was much older that it didn’t have to hurt at all; she just wasn’t gentle because she was frustrated over not knowing how to handle curly hair.

As an adult, when my hair was longer, I learned to appreciate how the curls looked. When people would recommend I straighten my hair, I tried for a time because I wanted to fit in and look presentable. It looked ridiculous. Straight hair didn’t suit me. I started letting my hair be a free wavy curly mix.
I remember a pit boss at the hotel/casino where I worked recommended I straighten the curls to look professional, and I laughed to myself about it because it bothered her so much but I wasn’t going to change my hair.

When it was falling out, and I had to shave it off, I did end up looking pretty good bald. That surprised me, but I still missed my hair. It’s growing slowly, and the texture isn’t as soft as original chemo curls are. I’m trying different things to style it, and there was a moment I considered straightening it.

Till I could figure it out, I let the curls be wild…and I started getting compliments. It’s funny because every woman who spoke appreciation for how my hair looks now were women with natural curly hair. And the girls with that hair type were never the ones who made fun of me back then.
I’m going to start making it a point to compliment women with natural hair. I have thought they looked nice, but I haven’t said as much because I don’t often talk to anyone. But I think that sometimes, a person could really use a little reminder that their hair, their curls, look great.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
My wife's chemo curls finally grew out, took a while!
Plasticbag · 100+, M
Curls are beautiful..set them free!!
@Plasticbag That’s the only time my hair looks good. 😁 I just have to be careful because when it’s this short, it likes to stick straight up sometimes. 😂 I wake up looking like a treasure troll. Haven’t had that problem since I was a kid.
Plasticbag · 100+, M
@Colonelmustardseed enjoy them!!
daydeeo · 61-69, M
They look soft.
@daydeeo Not as soft as they initially were. When chemo curls first start growing, they’re soft like puppy fur. (Lol A nurse made that comparison, and I had to agree.)
Your curls rock!

I have naturally curly hair so huge tip is to always use conditioner when washing, never brush your hair when dry but comb through when wet.

If you can get a product called cantu in the states it is a godsend
@InOtterWords Thank you. 😭🥰 I’ll look for it.

(Saw it on Amazon. I’ll try it out.)
JackdanielsA · 36-40, M
You would look fantastic in those curls. Let them grow again naturally.
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