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Most kids today are raised by parents that say if they swing first, tell an adult,

I'm Gen X, we were raised by parents that said if they swing first, finish them off.
i got in tons of fights growing up and my parents knew it and never really told me not to get into fights
@NativePortlander1970 i remember when i was 10 and we were playing street hockey with other kids. my brother was in goal and i was on a breakaway on him. he thought it was best to crosscheck me in the face. i got so angry. i decided to use my hockey stick as a spear and from about 25 feet away i hurled my stick at him. i hit him square in the balls 🤣....oh boy was he pissed and ran after me. luckily i was a faster runner than him even at that age...i ran to the mall cus i knew my mom was there....i'm surprised i didn't get a beating by him later on
@beermeplease When I was six we were visiting relatives in iowa for the summer, my aunt and her husband had a pool table in their basement and I won a game of nine ball against my older brother, pissed off he threw his cue stick at me fat end like a spear, which hit me center face hitting my nose, my nose and sinuses were clogged with dried blood and had to mouth breathe for two weeks until one uncle learned of this and demanded my mother take me to the ER to get the dried blood cleaned out, my uncle was not happy with my mother. The bastard didn't even get grounded, he was the quesisential golden mama's boy, while I was her hated one, long story in itself.
@beermeplease And now it's time to clean the kitchen 🙄
Lilnonames · F
That's how I brought up,I will try to walk away always but once touched I beat to win
@Lilnonames Same here, while growing up after my Dad died two months before my 11th birthday in february 1981, my mother and older brothers put me in situations that badly fucked with me, anyone that laid a hand on me quickly learned what the definition of pain was, even my mother's second husband, who had serious height and weight over me, and used me as a punching bag early on, knew I never backed down.

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