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To the older women(10+ years older than me) who likes me here, i dont think i will be able to date you with my current mood.

Yeah this post is for women who are 10+ years older than me so 33+ as I am 23 now. I am sure several older women here likes me but at the moment my mood isn't good enough to date you if you like me. I am really missing my crush Akankshya already who is also in my University where we both are in MBA 1st year but we have a 3 months break as we have to complete a 2-3 months internship and our next semester classes will start in August and she is also within 21-23 age range. I gave her a hug 2 days ago too and I was so happy but it makes me sad that i wont be able to meet her in person for 3 months. 😢😭 Yeah i have her number but i am a bit hesitant to call her as i am kinda overthinking whether she was comfortable with the hug or not as she did give an awkward smile while i hugged her but it was also my first time hugging her so i will wait a week and then call her. I am already missing her. So older women, if you like me then i won't be able to date you as I am missing Akankshya. With almost tears coming in my eyes, i don't think you will be able handle me based on my current mood plus idk whether i will get the same level of comfort in your arms too if you hug me. My female friend who is 20 did make my mood better tho but idk whether the women who are 40+ can do it or not.

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