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The battle for freedom, privacy and a human future rages on in a world engulfed within evil..

Insane vs Sane – Demonic vs Divine – Catherine Austin Fitts

IN FOCUS: Self-Appointed Trustees of the Future with Peter Sweden - OAN


Evil is closing in at exponential speed. These people in power are expanding their control grid. Soon we could lose all of our freedom, privacy and even access to nourishing and sustaining food.

The maniacs are using the climate cult to shut down farming and eliminate meat. It’s beyond bizarre and evil. As all this demonic control by evil governments throughout the world increases, they plan on feeding all of us artificial synthetic food. It is beyond diabolical.

The communist globalist authoritarian technocracy currently forming is the greatest evil mankind has ever faced. People not aware or who choose to be ignorant regarding the globalists’ nefarious agenda are aiding and abetting in everyone’s demise.

This cabal created financial system is nearing its predictable conclusion. A system of creating endless unsustainable debt which only benefits a few million elites is imploding every day. The amount of corruption has reached an astronomical new level.

The last three years of tyranny which has been implemented by the globalist government puppet leaders throughout the world is becoming increasingly obvious.

What will these maniacs do next to promote and maintain their sick illusionary system? More wars, another Plandemic, more artificially created crisis/false flag events, a stock market/banking system collapse and or bringing in more illegal alien criminals to destroy the US?

We are engulfed within a world where insanity, depravity and tyranny now reign supreme. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. The battle we all face now does not involve politicians but rather it is a battle between two different mind-sets. It’s the sane people verse the insane people. The rational freedom loving critical thinking and logic oriented people verse the mindless useful idiots of tyranny aka the convenience and immediate gratification obsessed human drones.

Time is running short, start becoming more aware, spread relevant information and help people begin to realize and understand how dire the situation is becoming. Use cash, grow your own food, do not subjugate your body to dangerous bioweapons/vaccines. Become self-sufficient and a defender of the truth.

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