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Do you think my crush's classmate was saying truth about her probably having a boyfriend?

I havent been feeling good ever since yesterday after i heard from my new crush Akankshya's classmate that she probably has a boyfriend. I have been crushing on Akankshya for 2 weeks in the class where i go for preparation of exams to get into an MBA B school. She is within the 21-23 age range and I also turned 23 over a month ago. I was so happy to be able to talk with her last week with the help of my friends and one of her other classmate after being too shy to talk to her. That classmate said she is single after i asked him about whether she has a boyfriend or not. I again said her Hi on this week Monday and she too smiled back and said me Hi back. But yesterday she didnt come for the classes and one my friend is friends with one of her classmate and that classmate told that she is probably in a relationship with someone who isnt in the institute. Idk whether that classmate is lying or not because the other one told she is single. But i am really upset now because I sent her a follow request on Instagram and sent her a dm as well but its been a day and still no reply and she didnt follow me back either. Idk whether she just didn't see my message yet or is intentionally ignoring me. Idk i am just upset that she is most likely having a boyfriend. She is very very pretty almost model like so i guess it could be true that she probably is in a relationship. My life just sucks. Looks like everyone is taken and i am the only one never had a girlfriend at 23. Today almost the whole day I have been thinking about it and almost tears are coming in my eyes.

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