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I thought maybe today I can hang out with a girl on Valentines Day but it didn't happen 馃槩. Am i really unlucky?

I have been chatting with this girl Sharanya on Instagram for the past 7 months. She is 19 turning 20 in April and I turned 23 over a month ago and we used to be in the same school but didnt know each other in school days. I know i shared about my new crush Akankshya who is within 21-23 age range in a class where i go but i skipped my classes today so couldnt meet her and I just was walking around here and there and ate lunch in a restaurant all alone. I thought maybe I can meet Sharanya near the bus stop today after her college gets over so I messaged her about hanging out but she said she is going out with her friends to eat. Actually we did once sat in the same bus without noticing each other(such a coincidence) and she was surprised too and after that we have been planning to meet up after our classes get over but couldn鈥檛 as she is in a different college and our timings never matched except that one moment when we were in the same bus and I kinda recognized her based on her posts but was hesitant thinking what if it was a different girl but later Sharanya confirmed that it was her. Today we had a chance of meeting up but she is going out with friends. We chat daily and send virtual hugs to each other and we are both foodies and talk about eating a big restaurant but our timings dont match. I thought finally i could spend the Valentines Day with a girl even though we arent in a relationship really. We could have hugged and ate somewhere but no. I felt so sad for skipping the classes as I could have met Akankshya maybe in the institute today. I am just sad.
I'd honestly be sad if I did all that for a boy.
But I can't respond cuz I don't know what you're asking, or if you're asking.
Plus I'm like half your age and never dated a girl.

Hope you're next endeavor ends well.
Glassysky22-25, M
Bhenchod teri ma ki chut, abey gaandh, tumko koy larki nahi milegd, apnd dost or papa se apna gaand marwao

Abishek gaandu tumari Akanshya ki gaand mareg, or tum dehkna
you made your choice to skip class and missed seeing both chicks. kinda played urself..
Heroisthebest2322-25, M
@deathfairy yeah I wore my new jacket and backbrushed my hair thinking i could impress her but it all went in vain.

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