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Had a fight with a much older man on here. Was it too mean of me?

At first I messaged this man in his 60s jokingly by messaging Boooooooo but he took it lightly and then we continued chatting and slowly started talking about my crush who is 22 and several other girls whom i like who are 19-24 age range and I am also 22. But suddenly we started arguing about the age gap between me and this girl who is 19 and with whom i have been chatting on Instagram for months and we were in same school too but didnt know each other that time and we talk about meeting up one day too. I will be turning 23 on 22nd December which is just next month and she will turn 20 in April so according to our birthdays we are only 3 years 3 months apart in age. We will be 19 and 23 for almost 4 months and then we will be 20 and 23. But this man eventually said how our age gap is significant. Yeah our 3 years age gap is significant for him and he would have been worried if his 19 year old daughter would have dated a 22 or 23 year old. He kept saying how at 22 I have more experience than her and might take advantage of her even though we get along well and have many things in common and i am nice to her. So I eventually got angry and wrote a mean comment calling him a bitter old man and told him to mind his own business and how our age gap is fine and he is ignorant for calling our small age gap significant and said he is probably jealous that he is too old now. Then he replied how i demonstrated what I wrote. Then i got angry and said that i will share the screenshots of our chats to my friends showing them how he was criticizing me and telling me what to do and what not to and told him that he isnt my dad or grandpa to say that to me. I also said i would post screenshots of our chats here too but i didnt post it. I also answered in one of his post saying that I shared the screenshots to my friends(I didn't actually haha) and how he judged me and criticized me in our chats and told me what to do. Eventually he blocked me. Was it mean of me btw?
melissa001 · 51-55, F
I wouldn't worry about him. Set in his ways. Your age difference is nothing. I dated someone much younger and a lot of years separated us. But what I will say is to find a connection. That's key and since you guys are very close in age I'm sure you have a lot in common. Do what makes you happy.
Heroisthebest22 · 22-25, M
@melissa001 yeah true. Idk why he found our age gap significant. I am 22 and she is 19. The only thing is I am turning 23 next month and she will turn 20 like 4 months after that. 19/20 with someone 22 or 23 isnt significant at all. I think 18 and 23 would be a bit of a large age gap tho.
melissa001 · 51-55, F
@Heroisthebest22 yeah you're fine, I wouldn't worry about it. ☺️

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