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My lost glasses

My favorite pair of black reading glasses broke the other day, so I ordered some more on Amazon. The first day I wore them, I somehow lost them. I had gone to the gym, work, and a couple of stores. I figured they were in my car somewhere, but they weren't.
Two days later (today ), I went to the gym and got out of the car and started walking to the door. My blood sugar was a little low, and I looked down and laying on the ground close to my car was a small candy bar and a pair of black reading glasses that was exactly like the pair I lost 2 days earlier!
I picked up the glasses and candy bar and took them inside to the front desk and asked if anyone had turned asked about them because they lost them and they said no.
So I did take the glasses, although I will ask again next time I go, to see if anyone has asked if they had been turned in. As bad as I needed the candy bar, I wasn't stupid enough to eat it to raise my blood sugar.
It's amazing how the Universe takes care of me because I was sure griping about losing those new glasses.
Virgo7961-69, M
You must be living right馃槍
@Virgo79 just scraping through, trying to make it through each day, barely hanging on without having a nervous breakdown from all the stress in my life. But this little thing was a nice reminder that someone is looking out for me.
Virgo7961-69, M
@Mardrae im sure someone is looking out for you馃檹

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