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college life and midlife crisis lol

Been wanting to go to college ever since i graduated high school , i graduated in 2016 im just now got accepted to a college this year and im so stressed . luckily everything is online . i was getting referrals to other colleges and i didn't like the way i was referred to them . they were kind of like threats and people would say things like "oh your high school art teacher is teaching at blah blah college .Everybody know i dont like her and everybody though i was just exaggerating about her until i told them that she has favorites and it was so bad that the principle had to follow me to class not for me but for the teachers and he seen how crazy they were .

A-lot did change the only thing that stayed the same was the treatment. they would be nice and have certain student to join a small private class during lunch which i got invited to once and never went back again .What so crazy is that the teacher said that she didt have time to talk to the other student about they "meeting".During lecture hour she would say things that only her favorite student only knew about .

My sister in law was one of her favorites and my family went all out for her when she started college . they took her out to eat and celebrated and i didn't even get invited or knew nothing about it until she asked where was i and i just stood there looking crazy because i didn't know what she was talking about . It finally hit me because i remember my mom saying stuff like "oh me and your auntie are going for drink at such and such ". so yeah i don't like to tell people the college im going to because my in law had friends already ready for me to go to school so her friends and stuff to be little messengers and keep up with me for i don't know what reason .anywayyy........

good news: i have me a little business idea in mind that i am 100% comfortable with and i believe it is going to work . i just fell so out of place and too focused on other stuff ,but hopefully thing are going to work out because this whole school thing is so stressful already . lo i didnt even feel like taking the placer test, But i paid for it out of my money so feel good about that .

just a little story time .
You got this 🤗🤗

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