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Your take on illegal immigration?

It's a complex issue in the UK. We don't have the infrastructure to house our own people and the money to look after our own.

They're in hotels being paid for by the taxpayers, and it's not good in this economical state we're in.
Personally I think we should always help others, life's too short. But I do support the idea of having controls to keep numbers down if we don't have the resources to help them.

We've had riots regarding it recently, it's mostly teenagers and racist groups unfortunately. I think it's a mistake to alienate those with concerns about it outright, it is a real issue. But yeah fuck those people tbh.

Do we blame those wanting a better life or those who created and sustain the inequality that keeps us poor and unable to help?. I know which one I blame. Capitalism is destructive and alienating when unregulated, we can't run a world on greed and be angry when a small percentage holds nearly all the world's wealth, using their power how they please.

That's not a community, that's feudalism. We may have moved on in technology but the same despairs still haunt those who cannot afford to live a happy life. The class system is alive and well, and it's sucking the hope and life out of everyday people. I hope the world changes before I'm gone, it'd make me smile.
HannibalAteMeOut · 22-25, F
The UK is among the richest countries, if there's a problem there just imagine what it's like elsewhere. I mean I keep hearing the same thing here, how taxpayers can't take it anymore, how it's not our fault, we have nothing to offer etc. The truth is that comparatively even we are rich (with EU money lol). Personally because I know there's corruption and politicians have been taking from fund money and tax money, I'd first want to combat that and then maybe talk about how illegal immigration is not good. I'd rather my money go to the mouths of migrants rather than corrupt politicians. I know people who have walked all the way fron Pakistan here, people who risked drowning in order to come here and of course they are illegal but how can I turn my back on them? If someone has literally risked their life to be here, I don't care about how much they make the state spend.
Joeyyy · 26-30, M
@HannibalAteMeOut Same, I've worked with people who were slaves. It's rotten people and capitalism that are sustaining this issue and most other issues we fave today.
HannibalAteMeOut · 22-25, F
@Joeyyy yeah I just wish less people would fall for the blaming the victims & xenophobia propaganda too. Now I can't really blame them that much for doing so, at the end of the day they are poor too. It's just turning us against each other.

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